Utilizing digital marketing to drive consumers into store sees a resurgence with Retailers

MarketingStrategy2Online portals for purchase of commodities have necessitated consumer’s expectation on the part of retailers to give the former the convenience of browsing online from where ever they are. Consumer decisions can be a make or break depending on their ability to visit a store, comparing the products to that of online and taking the product home at the point of purchase with no waiting or delivery charges. Take the case of Argos, Debenhams and Next – who belong to those high street brands adapting the multi-channel marketing in the UK.


Two things could be distinctly seen through this research.


1) The primary role of digital channels is to sell products.
2) Digital drives people to store with 23% of respondents finding it to be the primary role carried out by digital channels.


From 2014-2017 there could be seen a vast array of interesting aspects. Firstly, retailers strongly held forte in digital to act as their primary driver to get people to the store. By 2015, a strategic shift could be seen to keep people rooted to online portals for purchase via E-Commerce stores. This reduced the percentage of people visiting the store from 23% to 11%. A resurgence was once again seen in 2016 when digital yet again proved to be a major player in driving people to the stores.


In order to meet everyone’s needs, omnicahnnel marketing is the best way to cater to people opting for direct in-store purchase, 100% online purchase or people who will do a combination of both. “Choice” is the important thing to be noted here.

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