Compelling visuals are key to creating content capable of cutting through the noise


content-marketing-tips1The direction of the business world is forever determined by the direction of the internet. These days business are increasingly turning to visualizations in order to cater to the internet world. The clock is ticking for business corporations, about time they start investing full-time on visualization.


The Visual Nature of the Internet


The history of branding, media, and the internet all follow a similar path. Written texts served as a backbone some decades back, but the present holds a great deal of importance for visuals – images, videos and graphics.


Entrepreneur Bill Dalessandro wrote an article which dealt with the amazing transformation media had undergone from the 1950s through the 2000s. Discussing the bright future ahead, he spoke of the increasingly visual nature of the world and this was in the spring of 2010, a time when social media was still in its infancy, the iPad had yet to be released, and “big data” and “cloud” were unfamiliar terms to the general public.


6 years on, we can look back the memory lane and proudly pat ourselves for the business world has become more visual than it was in 2010 largely due to the growth of social media, content marketing and advertising.


Companies across varied industries have started to invest in visual tools and solutions to engage their audiences and stay competitive. For example, Shopify recently released a free logo generator tool to help people design simple logos on an intuitive platform. Each year over the holiday season, Office Depot sponsors the popular ElfYourself app that lets people create custom video features. Companies like HubSpot are constantly releasing free marketing resources and design templates.


Adoption of new techniques and approaches that make visuals a priority have been recognized by Brands to drive their business.


3 Major Business Benefits of Data Visualization


It is imperative to understand that data visualizations are not entirely restricted to large enterprises and wealthy organizations. Small businesses and organizations ranging from micro to macro have started t invest in data visualization. The following benefits are of top priority for every business


1) Better Understanding of Information


The reason spreadsheets are slowly losing out of focus is primarily due to the fact that human brain is designed to absorb information and these statistics and quantities of numbers don’t do our cognitive processing justice.


“By visualizing information, we turn it into a landscape that you can explore with your eyes, a sort of information map,” data expert David McCandless told his audience during a TED Talk. “And when you’re lost in information, an information map is kind of useful.”


Concretely connecting ideas, truths and trends that hold a cemented connection with numbers, spreadsheets and raw data – data visualization serve as visual information maps. Investment in data visualization is investment in better understanding.


2. Ability to Forge New Connections


Allowing oneself to see connections as they occur between various operating conditions and business priority and business performance is considered to be the single biggest benefit of data visualization. This helps in viewing the organization as a symbiotic organism holding valuable patterns and relationships.


3. Quick Identification of New Trends


Trends have the ability to change any moment, precisely why data visualizations helps you in understanding the changing environment and helps in studying development in real time. Data visualizations let you view multiple data sets and quickly spot trends, so that action could be quickly implemented and results be achieved in the near future.



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