Industry Roundup: How AT&T Connects with Millennials + How Birchbox Drives Sales Through Snapchat

Industry Roundup: How AT&T Connects with Millennials + How Birchbox Drives Sales Through SnapchatHow AT&T Benefited From Getting Out of the Way of Content Creators (Adweek)


AT&T Hello Lab and Full-screen Media tapped top social influencers for a year-long partnership in an effort to reach millennials. Pairing entertaining stories with “the power of a mobile connection” influencers were offered by AT&T, the chance to create ambitious video projects thereby giving them lots of creative control. Allowing for videos to live on the influencers platforms, it was noted that AT&T only required “subtle” branding and messaging, claimed Valeria Vargas, AT&T’s VP of Advertising and Marketing Communications. “AT&T is already seeing a huge lift in brand awareness, and millennials are now seeing them as more innovative and as a brand they might actually use,” says Vargas.


How Birchbox is Using Snapchat to Drive Sales (Digiday)


Measuring ROI on snapchat is still proving to be a difficult task for many marketers, partly due to the fact that Snapchat delivers an ever so few metrics. Yet, Birchbox offers surprisingly simple solutions to track down conversions: vanity URL’s. While promoting holiday deals between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Birchnox used the URL exclusively on Snapchat. It was also found that at the same time BIrchbox was driving traffic towards Snapchat, traffic was relatively low on Instagram stories and organic Facebook posts. In retrospect, Instagram may soon become the more effective platform, as it continues to introduce more shoppable features, says Julia Casella, Brichbox’s Social Media Manager.


A Third Of Consumers Say They Would Exchange Personal Info For Content (MediaPost)


According to a recent survey by Accenture Incentive, video content for entertainment is consumed by two-thirds of consumers. In exchange for compelling content, thirty-five percent would register and share basic information with a brand. And 54% said that the value of a video isn’t diminished even if a brand sponsored it. These findings, although might prove positive to be marketers, also gives an account of the challenges these marketers face: creating high-quality videos that consumers demand that consumes money, time and resources.


Hearst Team Creating Amazon Skills For Alexa (PYMNTS)


Native and Emerging Technologies, a 10 person team put together by Hearst, are looking to create content and services for connected devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. “We’re looking at this new wave of natural language interfaces as being a great source of content discovery and content interaction,” Phil Wiser, Hearst’s Chief Technology Officer, says. “We find all of that to be increasingly important as a way to engage consumers.” The Hearst unit is also looking to expand their services to advertisers. For example, the stain removal skill could also recommend what products to use in the process.


Instagram Fights Abuse with Comment Disabling and Liking (TechCrunch)


Instagram is set to release three new features in an effort to fight abuse and keep negative comments at bay. These three features are: Users can now shut down comments on posts, remove followers on private accounts, and “like” comments. (The latter is aimed at bringing more positivity into the Instagram community.)



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