When it comes to communicating, use your head, heart and hands

communication-head-heart-handsWhen it comes to marketing, where most people go wrong is when their communication is self-centered and not audience centered when in retrospect most concern must be attached with our customers, clients and stakeholders.


Having spent his last weekend immersed in deep thoughts and creative actions of hundreds of social innovators at the inaugural Gathering11, Gavin Heaton saw himself amongst such heavy weights, the like of Ralf Lippold, Venessa Miemis, Christine Egger, Michel Bauwens, Jean Russell, Annalie Killian, Tim Longhurst, Stephen Johnson and a host of others. The event was organised and curated by David Hood.

One of the workshops at Gathering11 was spear headed by Donnie Maclurcan and called the Head, Heart and Hands. Donnie’s workshop showed how events like The Gathering deliver amazing results precisely because they do what most brands claim they want.


What does it mean to “pay it forward”? And is it possible for a brand to do so?


Donnie’ repeated advice was that “everything we need to make a difference is right here in the room” which holds true for every business. It is all about where to look. His approach of The Head, heart and hands explains this beautifully, Here’s how. 


Head: what do you know


The head represents knowledge. It is what we know as individuals. It is what we understand from our environment. From our team – from our agency partners. How well do you know them? Do you know their interests and passions? Do you know their secret skills and capabilities?


You will eventually understand how amazing an experience it is when you start asking people to share their expertise and knowledge. You will be amazed at what you find. Tapping the energies of your team will bring out their hidden skills. Start by finding out what they know.


Heart: what are you passionate about?


The ability to cut through is essential particularly in the present context, when communication is devalued and messages overwhelm our channels and senses. To help drive better communication, one must possess passion. Gain an in depth knowledge of what drives your team, where their interests lie and what they care about – it will help you allocate time and attention. Aligning one’s personal and professional interests is vital. Also create a bridge that connects their interests with what they do for work.


Hands: what can you do?


Gavin Heaton said “Years ago, I invested in learning how to type and how to use Photoshop. To this day, these two skills make a huge difference in my ability to deliver outcomes for my clients.Now, I am not saying I am an expert designer or a fabulously accurate typist, but it gives me a great insight and ability to just get things done.”


You get a sense of purpose and completion when you tap into the hidden skills of your teams.


And by constructing your communications in this way, it can transform not just the message but the medium too.



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